Arborist Reports

All the tree consultants at AST Tree Service Removal have recognised Australian qualifications which include a Certificate III, Diploma or higher in Arboriculture. They use the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment method of tree management and reporting. This means they consider the risk of harm from tree failure in the context of land usage. They are qualified to understand and assess each situation and formulate recommendations based on the benefits provided by trees and the level of risk posed.

A written report may be requested detailing the health of a particular tree or tree covered area, with recommendations for tree management. The report will cover areas of concern such as the overall environment of the tree, health of the trees, effect on fauna, current and potential dangers, and risk to property and future development. This enables the owner of the land to make educated decisions about the pruning or removal of trees. A tree report may include a quote for the services recommended.

All our assessments are carried out according to the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment Method which is widely used to manage risk according to internationally recognised levels of risk tolerance. This method considers the balance between the benefits provided by trees within the area being assessed, and the level of risk they pose within the context of current and future land use. More information about this method may be found at on the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment website .

Often the initial consultation for a quote is, in fact, a Tree Health Check. The enquirer is concerned about a particular tree and wants the opinion of an expert. Our experienced arborists are aware of the local council regulations and will be able to give useful advice. Some health checks can be performed without climbing the tree, however, not all problems are evident from a distance. Often disease and infestations are not detected until pruning has begun, or a detailed Tree Health Check is done by closely investigating the canopy and root system. You will need to discuss costs with the arborist, which will be determined by the extent of the health check you require.

Landowners, particularly corporations and councils, have a responsibility to manage the vegetation within their boundaries. A database record of trees within specified districts may need to be developed, before any tree management can be planned. This needs to be done to minimise risk in relation to public liability, reduce costs related to maintaining sub-optimal trees, and to maintain the character and function of the trees in the area. Sydney Tree Removals is able to assist with these audits.