The Arbor Process

Trees can provide great benefits for any home or property. They add natural beauty, enhance water and air quality. Net taking the time and energy for sufficient tree maintenance can lead to tree sickness, property damage and an overgrown unattractive look. Arborist use the proper tree care safety equipment’s to keep themselves protected from injury during the tree removal process. Arborists are protected from head to foot with helmet safety glasses, gloves and boots they must also wear tough clothing to protect themselves against debris and Poisonous Plants. Our workers use safe work method instruction (SWMI).

More than safety gear.

We implement safety controls that are more than personal protective equipment (PPE). Our first method for reducing risk is by eliminating it. If we can do the work in a different (safer) way then we will change our practices to suit the job. If it is a risk that cannot be eliminated, we work with it by uses administrative or engineering restrictions. Our last defence is our ever-present PPE – our helmets, harnesses, shoes, gloves, glasses, and high visibility vests.

All of our staff are accredited arborists, who have had years of experience in arbory. We have strictly policy on the use of safety equipment, and about the professional conduct of the workers. Our workers use Safe Work Method Instructions (SWMS) that can be provided on request for job. We also carry out pre-work briefs to identify any job specific hazards. Safety is paramount.